QWhy do I need FREE Seminar?

AOur FREE seminar is meant to showcase our training facilities and to convince intending trainees that we are just the best. We also give a FREE training which is more of theoritical lectures.

Q-When do I start training after registration?

A-Training starts immidiately after payment. However, any issue on arrangement concerning non-readiness or other logistics problems, will be communicated to you immidiately.

QCan I get back my money after payment if not satisfied with delay in arrangements?

A-Yes you can request for your money if training commencement delays for up to one month after payment. However, no refund of money once training is started and you were communicated.

QHow do I pay for my training?

APayments can be made into ABBANET account(See account under contact us HERE)  or at our office by cash. In the case of payment in the bank, your teller should be submitted to the office for issuance of receipt.

QWill there be anything like Field Experience in the course of training?

A-Yes we have made arrangements to make sure that you partake in real live project in the course of your training.

Q-Will I be employed after training?

A-We do not guarantee employment after training. However, if ABBANET or any of our partner company decides as such you will highly be considered having trained with us.

QCan I be trained online?

A-For now, we only run online training on web development which is a skill that does not require a lot practical field experience.

QI am not living in Lagos , what do I do?

AABBANET can get you a temporary or permanent accommodation in Lagos under concrete agreement, just indicate such in the course of registration and you will be contacted. We only have our training center in Lagos for now.

QDo you offer certificate after training?

AYes, we do for all skills.

QWhich of the skillful training do you recommend for me?

A-All I.T skills are very important, however depending on your target, we recommed skills that you can start on your own with little money without seeking for job. CCTV installation, SACS, burgalr/fire alarm or web developement. GSM Telecoms on the other hand helps you to get a very good job.

QDo you have any book for your training?

AYes, we do have training manuals. In fact, ABBANET is working to produce a comprehensive telecom textbookt at present that treats GSM, WCDMA and LTE technologies. The first of its kind in Nigeria.

QDo you offer co-operate training?

AYes, we do special training for companies on contract.

For any other question, please contact ABBANET on 08030884933.


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